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Give Your Windscreen Dirt Repelling Super Powers

A Simple Solution To Keep Your Windshield Clean, Increase Visibility And Reduce Glare

We specialize in cleaning, restoring and hydrophobic treatment of vehicle windshields.

Our unique treatment, called Nanobond™, bonds with the glass molecules to form a protective layer that causes the glass on your windshield to !h[repel] water, oil, dirt, dust, salt and ice.

  • Because of this, treated glass windows become easy to clean, and exterior windows will have a !h[self-cleaning] effect due to rain washing dirt off them.
  • This self-cleaning effect greatly reduces maintenance, as well as significantly reducing cleaning time and cleaning frequency required.
  • The coating also !h[increases the hardness of the glass], which means that your windshield becomes scratch resistant and more durable.
  • Because of the water-repelling feature of this coating, your visibility in rainy conditions will be significantly improved.
  • The coating also has an !h[anti-glare] effect, which increases night vision and driver safety during night-time driving.
  • According to research, this can !h[increase driver response time to road hazards by as much as 25%]. That means you'll have 25% more time to avoid accidents!

Your windshield will stay looking clear and clean for longer, with less effort and cost.

The treatment is expected to last up to 2 years on outside front windscreen, and 5 years on side and back windows.

What It Costs

All prices exclude GST

Small & Medium Cars

OutsideInside & Outside
Front Windscreen$60$90
Front and Back Windscreen$90$130
All Windows$120$180

Large Cards & SUVs

OutsideInside & Outside
Front Windscreen$80$120
Front and Back Windscreen$110$150
All Windows$150$220


OutsideInside & Outside
Front Windscreen$90$130
Front and Back Windscreen$120$160
All Windows$180$250

Trucks, busses & argicultural vehices

Price available after assessment. Please contact us to discuss details.

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