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How To Stop Wasting Time Scrubbing Your Shower...

Give Your Shower Dirt Repelling Super Powers

A Simple Solution To Increase The Life Of Your Expensive Shower Glass, Prevent Soap Scum Build-Up, And Stop Using Unhealthy Chemicals To Clean Your Shower.

Hi there

My name is Matt Meintjes, and in this letter, I will tell you about a new nano-technology breakthrough that will allow you to reduce soap scum, oil and grime build up in your glass showers, and make it easy to clean and keep clean.

Why I Love And Hate Glass Showers

If you have a glass shower, you'll agree with me: they look great when installed (much better than a shower curtain).

Glass Shower
A New Glass Shower Looks Great...At First.

Here's The Problem With Glass Showers:

When you buy them, they look great. But then, soon, soap scum, minerals in the water, and body oils and fats start building up on the glass.

If you don't clean the glass on a daily basis, this combination of dirt soon forms into an concrete like substance (sometimes called hard water staining, consisting of minerals like Lime stone and calcium) that is !h[almost impossible to remove].

Lime scale
Stop Cleaning Your Shower Glass, And Soon You'll End Up With This

Even worse, after a while this build-up causes etching in the glass, which causes !h[permanent damage] to the surface of the glass.

These Marks Have Been Etched Into The Glass, Permanently Scarring The Surface

As a property manager, this is a major headache for me. Tenants hate cleaning showers, and if showers aren't cleaned daily the glass quickly deteriorates.

In my home, I had the same problem. I'm a busy person, and I do not enjoy spending my Saturday's scrubbing the shower, only to see little improvement.

Because this issue affected me both in my professional life, as well as my personal life, I've done a lot of research into it.

Here are the best solutions I've found:

Home-Made Cleaning "Solutions"

Because I do not like using harsh and dangerous chemicals in my house (I have a young son at home), I first searched for "home-made" solutions.

Luckily, there is lots of advice on how to clean your shower online (it is a common problem!).

The most common "home-made" shower cleaning solutions are: fabric softener, rubbing alcohol, white vinegar or baking soda.

Home made cleaning solutions
Good Luck Scrubbing Your Shower For An Hour Each Week Using Vinegar And Baking Soda...

The people recommending these solutions are always so positive and so sure that it will work.

What they don't tell you is that you still need to scrub for at least an hour to get your shower clean...and you need to do this at least weekly if you want any chance of preventing the build up.

Worse, it !h[never really gets clean enough], and over time I've still found a build-up of the hard, scaly substance.

The Chemical Option

When the home remedies didn't work, I became frustrated and decided to break my "no harsh chemical" rule.

So, I bought some "super magic" shower cleaning solution online...and it worked. Sort of.

Unfortunately, my bathroom ended up smelling like a chemical laboratory. No way was I going to let my son in there.

Poisonous chemicals
It Just Doesn't Feel Right Washing Yourself In A Shower Cleaned With Poisonous Chemicals...

!h[I also didn't like the idea of toxic residues splashing onto my body while showering.]

With a toddler in the house, having toxic chemicals around is also not something that I was really happy with.

Dangerous to children
The More Poisons You Store At Home, The More Risk To Your Children

The worst part was, just like with the home remedies, I had to !h[continue doing this every week]. NOT something that I like doing on my Saturday off!

Make The Glass Clean Itself

That's when I discovered the concept of "nano glass treatment".

What this means is that the shower glass gets treated with a special treatment that reduces the adhesion of any dirt or oil sticking to the glass.

And, because dirt and oil can't stick to the glass, the glass becomes much easier to keep clean.

Glass Coating, in addition to providing aesthetic appearance to the glass products, also offers a durable protection, and repellence for water, dirt or snow. Moreover, application of Glass Coatings makes the products sustainable & offers them corrosion resistance and cleansing properties.

  • Reuters News, 2018

Even better, this also means that the glass lasts longer, because the coating prevents the etching caused by mineral salts and soap scum.

Functional coating enhances or modifies the properties of a glass substrate and offers several crucial properties, such as adhesion, wettability, chemical resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, gloss, hydrophobicity, self-cleaning, anti-static, anti-reflective, and anti-bacterial properties, to the glass substrate.

  • Stratview Research, 2018

Consumers have to clean less often to maintain the beauty of their glass shower enclosure. Coatings also create a more hygienic environment, because mold and mildew spores, and the water they need, can’t stick to the glass or are washed away. The lower cleaning requirement also is touted as environmentally-friendly. Shower enclosures treated with coatings need to be cleaned less often. As a result, fewer chemicals are washed down drains that ultimately lead to streams, lakes and oceans.

  • Glass Magazine, 2010

The Problems With Glass Coating

This seemed like the perfect solution...but unfortunately everything was still not perfect.

Firstly, all the DIY solutions I found took a lot of work to be applied, and still needed re-application every 3 to 6 months.

As I mentioned, I'm not a big fan of spending my Saturday's working, and preparing and applying glass treatment is not my idea of fun.

Shower Treatment Applicators

The best solutions that I found were from companies that came out to clean and treat the shower for me.

Shower cleaning company
If You Value Your Time, Then Getting A Professional Shower Treatment Applicator Is Definitely Worth It

I found that the average cost for treating my shower was around $350, which seemed like a bargain.

Why $350 Is A Bargain For Treating Your Shower

If the shower treatment is expected to last at least 2 years, and it costs $350, then the weekly cost of that treatment is $3.30.

That means, for less than the price of a coffee a week, I get:

  • !h[No more annoying shower scrubbing every week] (saves me at least 30 minutes each week, or about 52 hours over the 2 years).
  • No more hard water spots, soap scum build up, or lime scale that doesn't come off.
  • Protects my expensive shower from permanent etching damage (and that shower costs at least $2,000, and lots of hassle, to replace).
  • !h[No more wasting my money on "Wonder Products" that simply don't work.]
  • A healthier family because no more soap scum means much less bacteria build up around the shower.
  • A happier family, because no more fights with the family about cleaning the shower, and no more nagging from my partner to clean the shower.
  • Enjoy a great looking shower for longer: I'm going to be able to enjoy my nice, sparkling glass shower for its entire lifetime.

I don't know about you, but all of that is worth much more than $3.30 per week to me!

The Unfortunate Problems With Shower Glass Coating

Unfortunately, as I researched my options, I soon realized that not everything is as great as it sounds.

You see, most of the glass coating treatments that I found had some big disadvantages:

  • They required special, expensive, cleaning and "re-conditioning" products that needed to be applied frequently.

    I wanted a treatment to !h[prevent me from having to constantly worry about the shower], not a treatment that required me to spend more money on even more expensive, and dangerous, chemicals.

  • One service even had 4 different additional cleaning products that I had to purchase and apply frequently to keep the treatment working! And then I had to "re-condition" it every couple of months.

    I repeat - I don't want to constantly worry about maintaining my shower with expensive and poisonous chemicals!

  • All of the services I found only treated the inside of the glass.

    Great, but I want the glass to stay clean, on both sides!

  • Most of the solutions still required me to clean the shower daily, even though they promised it would be much easier.

    As I said, I wanted to spend less time cleaning my showers!

  • Some services had long warranties (10 years, or lifetime). But then, when I did some research, the terms of these warranties were really difficult to understand.

    What is the use of a lifetime warranty if I have to use their special, expensive chemicals to clean my shower daily if I want to keep the warranty? !h[That sounds more like a lifetime profit to them than a benefit to me!]

How A New Breakthrough In Nano-Technology Gave Me Back My Saturdays

One day, when discussing this problem with one of my tenants (we had recently installed a new glass shower at their place), he mentioned that his dad, Walter, has been working on a new glass treatment product.

You see, for the past 5 years, Walter has been working with leading technical research institutions to develop new nano-technology based coatings for glass, timber, concrete, metal and textiles.

Using new research into nano-technology, Walter has made a breakthrough when it comes to glass coating, and you can now benefit from this.

What Nanobond™ Glass Coating Will Do For Your Shower

  • The treated glass actually repels water, oil, soap scum, hard water stains and dissolved mineral salts.

    This means that cleaning your shower becomes really easy - no need for scrubbing, just !h[wipe it with a microfiber cloth once a week]. No more spending Saturday morning cleaning your shower!

  • Because of the way the coating joins with the glass molecules, it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and cleaning materials.

    All you need to clean your shower is a simple microfiber cloth and water. !h[No need to purchase further expensive "re-conditioning" systems or special cleaning chemicals.]

  • Because you don't need any harsh chemicals to clean your shower anymore, it is great for the environment.

    Your bathroom doesn't end up smelling like a hospital, and you aren't flushing liters of dangerous chemicals into our waterways every week. Also !h[no need to store poisonous chemicals in your house anymore!]

  • What I really like about this treatment is that it is completely non-toxic.

    This means there !h[aren't any harmful chemicals and toxic residues that leach onto your body while showering]...a big advantage, especially if you have children in the house!

  • Because the coating works at the nano scale, there is no visible coating or film visible on the glass, which means the glass stays crystal clear.

  • Even better, the coating actually makes the glass one grade harder, which means it becomes more scratch resistant and stronger than normal glass.

  • All of this means that treated showers last significantly longer than untreated showers. The glass is protected from etching and easy to clean.

    Because of this, your bathroom will look and feel cleaner, and will stay healthier with less work required from you.

!h[I was so impressed with the Nanobond™ glass treatment product, that I decided to start a new company and become an Approved Professional Applicator for the Nanobond™ range of products.]

Give Your Shower Dirt Repelling Super Powers

Our new company, Lasting Clean, specializes in restoring and treating glass, especially shower glass.

We are Approved Professional Nanobond™ applicators, which means we have the necessary training, tools and materials to apply the Nanobond™ coating to your shower and other glass surfaces.

Here's how we work:

Step 1 - Free Assessment

When you contact us, we'll arrange a no-obligation, free glass assessment meeting with you. During this meeting, we will inspect your shower glass, and determine what we can do.

Why is this necessary?

Unfortunately, if shower glass is left untreated for a long enough period, the !h[glass can be permanently damaged].

During the free glass assessment meeting, we'll show you how you can expect the glass to look after the restoration.

If the glass has been damaged, we can still treat it to prevent further damage, but unfortunately we cannot repair the permanent etching damage.

This is the main reason why it is so !h[important to get this treatment done as soon as possible after installing the glass].

Step 2 - Glass Treatment

After doing the glass assessment, and if you decide to go ahead, we can then clean, restore and treat your glass.

Our process consists of 3 steps, using 3 specially developed products.

First, we clean the glass to remove any surface contaminants and dirt.

Second, we then use a specially formulated product that both dissolves lime scale chemically, and uses abrasive particles to polish the glass as smooth as possible.

The final step is to apply the Nanobond™ treatment.

The Nanobond™ product attaches to the glass particles on a nano level, covering each particle in a protective layer.

This protective layer !h[prevents water, dirt, oils, fats or minerals from sticking to the glass molecules].

This means cleaning your glass shower becomes way easier.

!h[The whole process takes about 2 hours, and 20 minutes after we've finished, you can use the shower again.]

Step 3 - Follow Up

Our main goal with all of this is to leave you happy with the service and product that you received.

Because this is so important, we offer 2 warranties on our services:

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

!h[If you are not 100% satisfied with the service or the product, we will come back to you and do our best to solve any problems you have. If we cannot solve the problem, we will give you your money back.]

3 Year Coating Warranty

!h[Secondly, if the prescribed maintenance is done, wiping the shower with a moist microfiber cloth once a week, then the coating is expected to protect the glass for at least 3 years. If you have any problems with the coating within these 3 years, we will come to you to assess the situation, and if it is a product failure we will re-apply the product, at no cost to you. This warranty will be void if the maintenance was not done, or if the surface was cleaned with any harsh chemicals or abrasives.]

Re-Application Discount

After 3 years, if the maintenance has been done, we can re-apply the product at a reduced cost, because we won't have to do as much restoration work.

Why You Should Get Your Shower Glass Treated As Soon As Possible

Getting a new shower installed costs around $2000 to $3000.

Treating your shower !h[early] can prolong the life of your shower, and prevent expensive damage to the glass.

If you don't treat your shower glass, then you have to spend at least 30 minutes scrubbing every week if you want to prevent long term damage, and keep your shower glass looking sparkling.

Even then, if you want to ensure you remove all of the build-up, you will have to buy expensive and harsh cleaning chemicals.

For untreated glass, if you don't regularly clean and scrub your shower, the build-up lime scale will etch into the glass, !h[causing permanent damage that will require replacing the glass to repair.]

What is all of this frustration and work worth to you?

As I mentioned, the other shower glass treatment products that I found work out to about $3.30 per week over the life of the treatment.

Think about it this way: !h[by spending less than the price of a coffee, you prolong the life of an expensive asset, you save at least 30 minutes of frustrating work every week, and your bathroom and shower stays clean and healthy without hard work.]

Sounds great, right?

But, here's something even better:

Depending on the state of your shower, and the size of your shower, our shower treatment is not even going to cost your $3.30 a week.

For a new shower, with less than 2m² of glass, our treatment would !h[only cost $230, including GST] for treating !h[both sides of the glass].

This price includes all of the steps I mentioned above - cleaning the shower, sanding and removing all build up, preparing the surface for Nanobond™ treatment, and applying the treatment.

Furthermore, the treatment is expected to last for 3 years.

That works out to around !h[$1.50 per week.]

  • That means, for the equivalent of $1.50 per week, you no longer have to spend your weekends scrubbing your shower, only to see no results.
  • You no longer have to buy expensive and dangerous chemicals to clean your shower.
  • Your expensive shower glass will stay sparkling like new by only wiping it once a week.
  • You'll prolong the life of your shower glass.
  • Your bathroom will be healthier, and look cleaner, with less effort.

How To Get Your Shower Glass Treated

The First Step Is To Book Your Free, No-Obligation Assessment.

Unfortunately, at this stage, our capacity is limited.

Because of this, we can only book a limited amount of these assessment appointments.

In fact, currently we only do !h[4 of these appointments per week.]

Because we work on a first comes, first served basis, if you want to get your shower treated I recommend you book your appointment as soon as possible.

Remember, there is no obligation on you to purchase anything at this appointment. The appointment is simply to assess the current state of your glass, and determine how we can help you.

And, if you decide to get the treatment, we offer you a !h[60 days satisfaction guarantee.]

After that, we !h[guarantee that the coating will remain functional for at least 3 years], if maintained according to our guidelines.

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