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Metal And Stainless Steel Surface Treatments And Restoration

We can help you restore and protect your metal and stainless steel surfaces.

We can help you remove stubborn tea stains, oxidation, rust and other contaminants from un-coated metal surfaces, including stainless steel.

Our treatment includes a water repelling active substance that provides a long lasting, ultra thin protection and gives you a durable, easy to clean surface effect.

This works because the treatment creates an invisible layer on the metal molecules, which means that any dirt or water can only form a weak bond to the metal. This results in an easy to clean surface.

The treatment also contains a light abrasive component that cleans and removes all dirt and contaminants during the treatment.

Because the product enters the microscopic surface of the metal, it provides a much longer lasting effect than conventional solutions.

Some examples of how we can help you:

  • Protect your stainless steel and other metals in harsh marine environment - our treatment will make the metal self cleaning, and keep it shiny for long periods without frequent maintenance required
  • Restore older and contaminated un-coated metal surfaces, like guttering or balustrades
  • Protect metal railings, metal poles and outside steel furniture from rust and other contaminants

The protective effect lasts up to 2 years, but periodic re-application can increase the life span significantly.

The product is non-toxic and water based.

It reduces your environmental impact because you have no further need for harsh chemical cleaners. This is because of the self-cleaning effect, which means that any water, including rain, will help keep your metal surfaces clean.

We can work with you to plan a maintenance and re-application schedule to ensure you metal surfaces stay shiny and easy to clean.

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