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Glass And Ceramic Surface Treatments And Restoration

We can help clean, restore and protect your glass surfaces.

Our unique glass treatment will make your glass surfaces hydrophobic, which means that your glass surface will repel water, oil, soap scum, hard water stains, mineral salts and other contaminants.

Because of this, your treated glass will get an easy-to-clean self-cleaning property, which means that it only requires water to keep clean. This greatly reduces cleaning time and frequency - less cleaning needed, less often.

This means that your glass stays cleaner for longer, with less effort and cleaning required. This saves you money and time, and keeps your glass surfaces looking better for longer.

The treatment can last up to 7 years on external building glass.

The treatment is water based and non toxic, environmentally friendly and eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

Our glass treatment is recommended for:

We provide a functional warranty, with the lifetime depending on the type of surface.

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