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Concrete And Cement Surface Treatments And Restoration

We can help you restore and protect your concrete and cement surfaces.

Our concrete and cement treatment is formulated to give your surfaces water repelling super powers.

This means that your surfaces will repel water, dirt, dust, oil and other pollutants. Even better, treated surfaces have a greatly reduced occurrence of moss, mould, algae and lichen.

What does this mean for you? It means that your concrete driveway, walkway, walls or floors stay clean and safe for longer.

Because there is much less build-up of moss and lichen, it greatly reduces the risk of slipping.

Your cement and concrete assets will look better, stay cleaner and have significantly reduced maintenance costs.

The product has been tested and works on:

  • Concrete
  • Man-made stone
  • Porous natural stone
  • Oamaru and Hineura stone
  • Concrete/cement brick pavers, render, bricks, mortar, grout
  • Fibre cement products
  • MGO board products

Some examples of how we can help you:

  • We can treat your concrete driveway to keep it cleaner for longer and prevent the build-up of moss and lichen
  • Have paving stones or concrete around your pool? We can treat the surfaces to keep them clean and free from slimy build-up for longer
  • Same for any walkways or runways you have
  • We can treat your walls or concrete floors to make cleaning much simpler - our product is used in the farming industry to make cow pens easy to clean

Our treatment is environmentally friendly, water based and solvent and toxin free. It does not damage glass, metal, plastic or painted surfaces.

It can be used in high traffic areas, and is a cost effective way to protect your cement and concrete surfaces.

We offer warranties on functional performance, depending on the type of surface.

Phone us for a free assessment and no-obligation quote. We do all sizes of surfaces, and will work with you to put together a treatment and maintenance plan for your surfaces.

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